State Bank FreedoM

Service over NUUP ( National Unified USSD Platform)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is NUUP?

NUUP (National Unified NUUP Platform) is a USSD based mobile banking service from NPCI that brings together all the Banks and Telecom Service Providers. In NUUP, a customer can access banking services by just pressing *99# from his/her mobile phones. This service works across all GSM mobile handsets.

2. What is State Bank Freedom over NUUP?

State Bank Freedom is Mobile Banking Service provided by State Bank Group. The Service over NUUP provides Bank’s Mobile Banking Service over non java low cost mobile handsets also. This Service helps you to do following banking transactions:

  • Balance Enquiry of account enabled for Mobile Banking Service.
  • Mini statement (last five transactions) of the account enabled for Mobile Banking Service.
  • Fund transfer to accounts (using Mobile Number and MMID)
  • Fund transfer to accounts (using IFS Code and Account Number)
  • MMID Retrieval
  • Change MPIN
  • Generate OTP for IMPS Merchant Payments

3. Why should I subscribe to this service?

State Bank Freedom provides a convenient way to carry out transactions from anywhere, anytime and this service is absolutely free to the customers. Please contact your Cellular Service Provider to know the exact cost for NUUP session which may be different for each service provider.

4. What are the key benefits of this service?

It helps customers to conduct banking transactions 24x7 at his/her convenience from any place(Anywhere Banking) over his mobile phone.

5. Who can apply for this service? How do I register for the mobile banking services?

The service is available to all P segment customers having a Current/ Savings Bank account and accepting the Terms and Conditions of the Service which have been made available on the Bank’s website The customers already using Application based Mobile Banking Service are not permitted to use the service over NUUP. Existing users of the Application based service, if desirous of using the service over NUUP, should de-register from the Application based mobile banking service, before attempting to register under NUUP. Please refer to the process of registration detailed under “Registration Process”.

6. What are the accounts that can be linked for Mobile Banking Services?
I have accounts in different branches. How do I register for mobile banking services for all these accounts?

If you have registered at ATM, the account for which the Debit Card was first issued will be enabled for the Mobile Banking Service. If you want to enable any other Savings/Current account, please approach your branch for completing the registration. Please note that unlike the application based or SMS banking, only one account can be enabled for this service. You are requested to decide upon the account to be enabled for the service, before registering at the ATM or at Branch.

7. Is this service available 24x7?

Yes, the service is available round the clock.

8. Are there any charges for this service?

SBI does not levy any service charges for non-financial transactions.You have to pay NUUP (USSD) charges to your service providers. Please contact your Cellular Service Provider to know the exact cost for NUUP session, which may be different for each service provider.The below are the service charges applicable for fund transfer through IMPS :

Transaction Slab(in Rs.) Revised Service Charges (in Rs.) using channels IMPS/UPI Revised Service Charges (in Rs.) for transactions using USSD
Upto 1000 NIL NIL
RS 1,001 -10,000 2/- per Transaction + Service Tax 1.50/- per txn. + Service Tax
RS 10,001 -1,00,000 4/- per Transaction + Service Tax- 3.50/- per txn. + Service Tax
RS 1,00,001 -2,00,000 12/- per Transaction + Service Tax- 11.50/- per txn. + Service Tax

The service charge change is applicable up to the period of 31st Mar 2017.

9. Is there a limit on the size of payment I can make?

Yes, RBI, in its guidelines for Mobile Banking Service, has prescribed a ceiling of Rs. 5,000 per transaction for NUUP.

10. Is this service available overseas?

No it is not available overseas.

11. Do I need to register with a specific service provider to avail this service?

This facility is presently available over select Service providers. Please visit National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) website to know about the names of the participating Banks and Telcos in the NUUP Service.

12. Will there be more services available in Mobile Banking in the future?

Yes. The Bank may come up with more functionality in future.

13. How does Mobile Banking Service work?

The Mobile Banking Service works over three modes: (i) Application based which is downloaded from respective App stores and installed onto your mobile handset. The services are Menu driven and the requests are sent to the Bank using GPRS/ encrypted SMS facility (ii) over SMS Banking. There is no need to download application on the mobile handset. (iii) The Service is available over NUUP for non- java Mobiles without GPRS connection. There is no need to download application on the mobile handset.

14. How do I use the Service, if there is no application?

The user starts a session by dialling a designated number or by sending a SMS to a designated short code. A NUUP session opens and the user has to respond to the prompts which come up over the mobile screen within the prescribed time. The session will terminate if input is not entered within prescribed time and the user may have to restart the session.

15. Are the transactions done on mobile phone secure?

In the application based service, all messages originating from your mobile phone are encrypted and travel to our Mobile Banking Server in secure mode. The encryption methodology used is 256 bit AES technology. In case of NUUP, the messages may travel unencrypted in certain packets of transmission. However, the information is not saved in your mobile handset. Again, your User id and MPIN cannot be used in other mobile number. The server checks the mobile number from where the information is coming.

16. Why lower limits for transaction been prescribed for NUUP service, while it is much higher in the Application based/ WAP service?

RBI, in their guidelines for Mobile Banking Service, have prescribed a lower limit for the service, where the messages are not encrypted end to end.

17. What do I do if I lose my mobile phone?

De-register from ATM as follows: Swipe ATM Card > Choose Mobile Registration > Enter your ATM PIN > Choose Mobile Banking > Select Deregistration > Give your mobile number which was used for registering > Choose Confirm. Please do not forget to call your service provider to block your SIM. You can also visit your home branch to deregister from Mobile Banking service.

18. Can I access Mobile Banking if I have not registered for Net Banking?

Yes. It is independent of Internet Banking Services of SBI.

19. What is user id?

User id is a unique identification factor consisting of 6 or 7 alphanumeric characters.

20. How do I know that no unauthorized payments are made using State Bank Freedom?

In State Bank Freedom you initiate and authorize each and every payment that is made from your account. Please do NOT share your User ID / MPIN with anyone and do not save it in your mobile handset in any manner.


21. Can I change my M-PIN?

Yes, the MPIN can be changed any time. After starting the session and entering the user ID Choose Change MPIN option. Enter old MPIN/ Default MPIN (in case of first usage of service) and SEND. Then enter new MPIN and SEND. Confirm new MPIN and SEND. However, to use the Service for the first time, it is mandatory for you to change the default MPIN and set your own MPIN.

22. Is it necessary for the MPIN to be alphanumeric?

Yes, it is necessary.

23. How many characters should MPIN have?

MPIN should have 6 characters with combination of alpha numeric and special characters with atleast one alphabet, one number and one special character.

24. Is it necessary to change the default MPIN that is advised by SMS?

Yes, it is mandatory. You cannot use the services without first changing the default MPIN to one of your choice.

25. I have forgotten my MPIN. What do I do?

Please send SMS SFMPIN <userid> to 9223440000 from registered mobile number to receive new MPIN. You will get a SMS with default MPIN. Change the default MPIN immediately and then revalidate again at ATM or INB or branch.


26. How do I register for the Service under NUUP?

There are two steps involved to register for the Service (1) Over the mobile handset (2) At the ATM or INB or Branch.

(1) Over the mobile handset- It also involves two steps-

  • Obtain User id and default mpin by sending SMS “MBSREG” to 9223440000
  • Change default mpin by dialling *99#

(2) Complete registration process by visiting any State Bank ATM / Internet Banking / Branch

27. How to get the user ID and MPIN?

Send SMS “MBSREG” to 9223440000
You will receive User ID and default MPIN over SMS

28. How to change the Default MPIN?

  • Dial *99# from your Mobile handset.
  • NUUP welcome screen will appear asking you to enter your 3 letters of bank's short name or First 4 letters of Bank’s IFS code.
  • After entering valid Short name or IFS code, NUUP menu will appear with different options of available services enabled for your bank.
  • Enter 7 for Change MPIN and Submit.
  • Enter old M-PIN, new MPIN and confirm.
  • A confirmation screen will appear displaying change of M-PIN successfully.

29. How does a session start?

Subscribers to Dial *99#
You will receive a response “Welcome to NUUP” press OK.
NUUP welcome screen will appear asking you to enter your 3 letters of bank's short name (like SBI) or First 4 letters of Bank’s IFS code (like SBIN). If entered response is correct following menu will appear.

Kindly Reply with your option:

  1. 1. Account Balance
  2. 2. Mini Stmt
  3. 3. Send Money Using MMID
  4. 4. Send Money Using IFSC
  5. 6. Show MMID
  6. 7. Change M-PIN.
  7. 8. Generate OTP

Press “Answer” and choose the Serial No from one of the above to exercise your option and “send”

30. What is to be done next, after changing the Default MPIN?

You have to activate your account at any SBI ATM or your branch. At ATM > Swipe your Debit card > choose Mobile Registration > enter your Debit Card PIN > select Mobile Banking > Registration > enter your mobile number > Choose Yes> The Mobile Number will be displayed over the screen for your confirmation. Confirm the same. You will get a SMS regarding activation of the primary account of the Debit Card for the Mobile Banking Service. You will be able to enquire the balance and take out Mini statement for this account only. This account will be debited when you transfer Funds/ Do Mobile Top up. If you desire to enable an account other than the primary account of the Debit card, please visit your Branch. You are requested to decide upon the account to be enabled for the service, before registering at the ATM or INB or at Branch.

31. How many users can use this application on a particular mobile phone?

Only one user can register and access his account on a particular mobile phone.

32. How do I terminate this service?

You can terminate the service by selecting the post-login option 'Deregister Mobile Banking Service' in the Profile Settings Menu of your application. You can de-register at ATM as follows: Swipe ATM Card > Choose Mobile Registration > Enter your ATM PIN > Choose Mobile Banking > Select Deregistration > Give your mobile number which was used for registering > Choose Confirm.

You can also deregister by sending SMS SDEREG to 9223440000 from your registered mobile number.

33. I have registered for mobile banking service and have been using the facilities. Now I am getting a message “Please complete registration process before using any service”. What is wrong?

You have not completed the process of linking your bank account with Mobile Banking user id. Please visit State Bank ATM / Internet Banking / home Branch to complete the registration process.

34. I have got a message that my account has been locked and I have to re-register for SBI mobile banking. What do I do?

Your account is locked because wrong MPIN was entered three times. It will be activated automatically in 24 hours.


35. What kind of fund transfer can I do in mobile banking service?

Using the Service, you can transfer funds to your other accounts/ third party accounts in any Bank using IMPS.

36. How long will it take to transfer fund?

It is immediate.

37. Does it cost anything?

Yes, service charges are applicable for IMPS transactions. Refer FAQs on IMPS section for details of charges.


38. Can I view the transactions relating to my account?

Yes, Mini statement allows you to view a summary of your last 5 transactions


39. What happens if my phone gets hung when I am in the midst of a transaction?

Switch off the mobile and switch it on and start the session from the beginning.

40. What happens if my phone gets switched off during a transaction?

Switch on the phone and start the session from the beginning.

41. Is this service available in other languages?

Currently complete services are available only in English.

42. Can I avail of this service from outside my city of registration/telecom circle?

If you have national roaming facility from the Cellular Service Provider you can avail this service from anywhere in India. However if you are traveling overseas, the services will be available only if you have international roaming. However, please check the SMS/Dial charges to special numbers from your service provider.

43. What precautions do I need to take for accessing Mobile Banking?

Please note the following:

  • After receiving the SMS with User ID and default MPIN, immediately log on to Mobile Banking and change your default M-PIN
  • Please memorise your User ID and delete SMS containing the information.
  • Please don't disclose your User ID and MPIN to anyone.
  • Please change your MPIN at regular intervals
  • Please don't use obvious passwords (like name, date of birth, etc.).

44. What is the difference between Application based service and NUUP based service?

The differences are :

Application based service Service using NUUP
Mobile Banking application has to be downloaded and installed onto the mobile handset No application to be downloaded.
Mobile handset must be java enabled Can be used over any mobile
Mobile connection can be CDMA or GSM Mobile connection can be only GSM
Can be used over SMS or GPRS Can be used over SMS/Dial

45. I have done a Fund transfer transaction. My account has been debited. The beneficiary account is not yet credited. How do I take up? How will this be resolved?

Please contact Bank’s contact centre or email with details of the transaction.

46. How long it will take for a resolution?

Please take up the issue with your Branch, providing the details of the transaction. Depending on its nature, the issue will be resolved as early as possible.